Claddagh Rings Facts And Legends}

Submitted by: Scott Wilhelmy Claddagh Rings – Facts and Legends Several stories have grown up around the mystique of Claddagh rings. Some are obvious legends due to the mystical nature of the tales, yet all have some elements that are probably true or that can be confirmed by known records or facts. Part of the […]

Trendy Diamond Rings With Sapphires For 2009}

Trendy Diamond Rings with Sapphires for 2009 by Linda Queensario Everyone wants to know what the trendy diamond rings with sapphires for 2009. All right! Let’s get down to business. There are a number of styles of diamond and sapphire rings for 2009 that are incredibly trendy. Art deco styled diamond rings with sapphires have […]

5 Unique Proposal Ideas With Diamonds}

Submitted by: Narin Sin Congratulations, you are ready to take the next step in your relationship and pop the question! To make that moment special, use these 5 unique proposal ideas to present that beautiful engagement ring. DG & Co company can help match your wedding rings in Melbourne to the perfect proposal event. For […]