Pashmina Shawls: How To Wear

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There are different ways on how to wear a pashmina shawl. As mentioned before, pashminas can now be worn not only to keep the person warm but also to accessorize or to add on what the person is wearing. One way to wear pashmina is to ear them as a shawl, just to simply warp them around the shoulders. The options are the end of the pashminas can be tossed over the other shoulder or the person can let it all hang loose in front. It is best for people who are wearing evening dress or gowns as it can provide comfort and style to the wearer.

Another way to wear pashmina shawls is to wear them around the shoulders and then tying a knot in front. In that way the pashmina will be secured and will not fall off the shoulder. A person can also wear the pashmina like a necktie; this is what they usually call a European way of wearing shawl. What to do is to hold the middle of the pashmina so that it will be folded in half, and then drape it around the neck bringing the ends into the loop and pulling them to he desired fit in the neck. The options here is the ends can either be tucked inside the coat or let it hang loose in front.

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Doing the European way can bring warmth in the neck part of the person. Another way to wear pashmina as a necktie is to wrap the middle of the pashmina in the neck and make sure that both ends are of equal length in front. Create a loose tie on the right side of the pashmina and then put the left side into the knot. The person can tighten the knot into the desired fitting. Pashmina shawls can also be used as an accessory to coats. How it is done is that the person needs to fold the pashmina lengthwise to his/her preferred thickness. And then drape it on the shoulders to let the ends hang loose in front. The person can either tuck it in the collars of the coat or throw the other end on the other shoulder.

The person can also wear the pashmina as a scarf; the steps are similar to accessorizing the coat, however this time to just let the pashmina s end hang loose in front. Pashmina shawls can be an alternative to sarong as well. It can either be folded or not, just wrap it around the waist and put both ends together into a knot. It can be put over tights or leggings or over a skirt. The last way of wearing pashminas is to use them as head accessory. Place the shawl on the head, covering them and then tie the ends at the back of the neck allowing both ends to hang loose in front or at the back. It can also be used as a headband, rolling the pashmina or folding them. There are so many use of a pashmina shawl, so it is worth buying and keeping one.

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