List Of Things Not To Do In Seo}

List of Things Not To Do In SEO


Sarda Sheldon

While promoting websites for online marketing there are many dos and donts to be followed regarding search engine optimisation. If you are into online business you must realize that there is a world of difference between understanding SEO and practically doing it for your websites. You might have read a few articles that highlighted tips or suggestions regarding what you should do for higher rankings in search engines. But, the fact of the matter is, you should always be aware of the other-side of the SEO campaign – things that should be avoided. Search Engines have developed complex systems that help filter out the good and the bad SEO companiesrnIf you are planning to start your SEO campaign or hiring a SEO company for work, you should be aware of the SEO practices that can cut your website ranking down.rnrnDont target general keywords:rnIf you start your campaign off using general keywords, your website will have to face tough competition with millions and millions of other websites. Experts suggest you target keywords that are relevant and specific to your website, these can bring maximum traffic. rnrnDont Borrow content:rnContent plagiarism is a serious offence. If you steal the content from another website, chances are high that your site will be penalised. Search engines are smart enough to find duplicated content. Content is the key element of a website and it is essential to have original and unique content to avoid the risk of getting sued. rnrnDont optimise you site with black hat techniques:rnPractices like keyword stuffing, doorway pages, and other spam techniques of link building are considered as black hat SEO. These practices may give you short run success, but long run failure.rnrnDont submit your website URL in search engines again and again:rnSearch engine submission is an obsolete practice these days. Crawler based search engines are able to find your website through the links that you get from other sites. Try to build quality links from relevant websites. rnrnHire a Reputable SEO Company:rnMost online marketing companies have little or no time for search engine optimisation and are forced to hire a search engine optimisation company. Selection of an SEO company is the key to have a strategic SEO campaign. Sometimes, the SEO services guarantee links to your site and they do this irrespective of quality and relevance of the links. Search engine mechanisms are able to find out the site that is link spamming and this can penalise your website. rnrnDont waste your time in Building numerous bad links:rnOne quality link is better than a thousand of bad links. Many people go on building links for their site without checking the quality and relevance. It should be remembered that these links wont pay off in the long run. rnrnDont use the same titles on every page:rnPage titles are an extremely important element that search engine crawlers judge on any webpage. Avoid using the same title in every page; unique titles also offer a greater chance that a Google search will lead someone to your pagernrnSEO is an ongoing process, but once you are aware of the tricks that will take your websites ranking down in search engines, you can create a strong base for your SEO campaign.rn

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