Five Ways For Touring Musicians To Stay Faithful On The Road}

Five Ways for Touring Musicians to Stay Faithful on the Road


Jansen Simmons

1.When approached by that inevitable someone while on that road that says something like, I bet it gets solonely on the road, in a really seductive voice, possibly while stroking your bicep longingly, the best defense is a good offense. Take it as an opportunity to whine about how much you miss your significant other, and how they would never cheat on you while you are away. So of course you would never even consider cheating on them!

2.Are hand jobs cheating? Consider lowering your standards of what constitutes cheating. How could a happy ending ever be sad? In all seriousness, having a real discussion of what is permissible on the road with your significant other is the best way to create boundaries of what behavior would be hurtful with your partner.

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3.Try being more anti-social. If you lower the quantity of opportunities for indulgence, keeping it in your pants could have a higher success rate.Abstentionfrom social activities like seeing how many drinks it takes before you strip, and run out in public will have similar faithfulness inducing benefits as well. If you aren’t tired, but the show is over, and you really should get some rest, trying using some sleep time supplements (melatonin, diphenhydramine, or lunesta.) You’re a musician, why not download music iPod, and get all self-absorbed listening to your own album you bought oniTunes?

4.You could always try using your religion to stay faithful on the road as well. Boring, I know. If you are aChristian rock bandlike Petra this might sound way more appealing though. However, if you’re in a Thelemic metal band like Behemoth this has totally different implications, I’d imagine. Either which way there is always the chance that whatever your brand of temptation you could find refuge in the belief system you have constructed for yourself. This probably seems like a no-brainer, but this guide is all about positive re-enforcement. Whether your faith only consists in the idea of a faith based on carnival ride instability or you talk to your god on the regular, using this to your advantage is highly recommended.

5.Finally, you could use replacement behavior. It’s pretty simple. Whenever you see yourself going down that path of infidelity, you can just use a pre-designated behavior that asserts faithfulness. For instance, you are somehow in the corner of the bar with a beautiful young someone making suggestive eyes at you, and the moment of kissing is imminent. Since you have ingrained in your mind, that whenever cheating is on the verge of occurring you will run outside and call your significant other, you can narrowly avoid the pleasure of the unwanted company that would soothe the loneliness in your soul. At least until the phone call is over.

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Five Ways for Touring Musicians to Stay Faithful on the Road}

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