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The use of software systems in educational institutes like, middle or high schools, colleges, universities, and even in kindergarten is essential, if one wants to streamline the operations. A school has the choice of using a stand-alone, web based or a cloud based school management software system. It is a decision one has to linger on, before deciding on the type of the software. The decision has the potential to affect the productivity of the schools staff and can have the profitability of the school.

The cloud computing has improved the situation where end-users use to grapple with the software tools. For a layman, not very fluent in the ways of computers, software installation, configuration, bugs and the software patches that the developers come up with, from time-to-time can prove to be stumbling blocks. However, the cloud based software systems have overcome these issues and have made them, the things of the past.

The cloud based school management software represents a new breed of software systems that keeps their users updated with the real-time data. The school administrators especially, those who are responsible for the monitoring and controlling of more than one educational setup, find this feature useful. School and Tuition Management System Software, developed by Summit Tech, is a cloud based school management software that puts these professionals in the driving seats.

Cloud Based School Management Software and the School Administrators

The primary responsibility of the school administrators is to streamline the activities of the schools. The School and Tuition Management System Software assist them in automation of important school activities like, student registration, class and exam scheduling.

Pricing Policy

The software proves of immense help as it assists in coming up with flexible pricing policy for the school. The software uses its powerful search engine to find the demand for the various courses. The period, when the demand for a particular course is at its peak, naturally attracts high price. The software also makes options of the Flat pricing, Group pricing and the Graded pricing, available to the school administrators.

Online Registration

The software allows online registrations of students and simplifies the process, which if it is done manually, is quite a hassle. The student data is stored on the cloud servers on which the software is hosted and is accessible to the authorized school staff from anywhere at any time.

Central Data Storage and Protection

The cloud servers, located in the different parts of the globe, are used as the central place to store data. The data is protected with the latest techniques and tools to prevent virus attacks and the data theft. This ensures that the data remains available, even if, there some problem at the school. The school staff can connect to the software using their smart phones and tablets.

A powerful encryption scheme is implemented to facilitate the safe transfer of school data. The data is backed up regularly and the schools can ordered it to be sent to their onsite computer, if it is needed.


The parents can also connect to this software and update themselves with the latest details of their child. They can access information about their childs classes, schedules, exams, grades, assignments, extra-curricular activities and etc. They can also access teachers professional qualifications and pose questions regarding their childs progress at the school.


School and Tuition Management System Software also allow teachers to upload assignments, tests, schedules and projects to the cloud servers. Students then access it and download it. They can also upload their completed assignments and projects to these servers for the approval of their teachers.

Payment Management

The software makes available the facility of secure Payment Gateway. It is useful for the parents to pay the tuition fees. They can use debit or credit cards as well as net banking facility to save time and physical exertion. The software sends Emails and SMSs reminders to the parents to update them of the payments due.

This cloud based school management software uses a powerful scheduling engine for the purpose of scheduling classes and exams. It also offers a great help in managing donations, finance management, Reports and dashboards.


The software automates the task of recording attendance of students, teachers and other school staff. The use of biometric finger scanners ensures true recording of attendance and gives no chance of buddy-punching.

The dashboard reports are used to present the real-time data about the attendance, classes, inventory management, accounts and finance department, in graphical form. The school administrators find these reports very useful as the data is easy to digest and to act on.

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