How To Get Into The Fbi}

How to Get Into the FBI


Subhash Kandpal

FBI agents are accountable for investigating the federal violations, sensitive security investigation and solving various crime cases. They are the main investigators of the government. The FBI agent may examine court write-ups, monitor business records, perform surveillance, and track the criminal who has stolen property. An FBI agent also takes part in undercover assignments.

The process of getting into FBI begins at a young age. Working with the FBI starts by excelling in your high school and taking part in various extracurricular activities. Having such skills will help you while applying for a college. The basic FBI requirements are completion of a four year degree, and a student can complete his degree in any field he desires.

After completing your degree you should plan to gain a work experience for at least three years and establishing yourself as motivated, self dedicated and committed individual. After fulfilling these FBI requirements you can begin with the process of applying for FBI employment. The the greater experience and qualification you have, the better are your chances of establishing yourself as an FBI agent.

Employment under the Federal Bureau of Investigation is divided into many categories. The special agents work on one out of these five programs:

  • Computer science/ IT
  • Accounting
  • Language
  • Law
  • Diversified

The FBI staff also provides various support personnel varying from data analysis to hostage negotiators. While working with FBI you may have to work in cyber crimes, counter terrorism, intelligence divisions, and criminal investigation. You must know your strengths and weakness before you apply for a job in FBI.

If you wish to become a special agent you must be a citizen of northern Mariana Island or America and must be 23-37 years of age. Along with a four year degree you must also possess an active driver’s license and must be fit enough to go through the background check and physical examination. According to the no tolerance drug policy of FBI you will be tested regularly for the traces of illegitimate substances. Being an FBI agent you will have to be prepared to move across the country for station reassignment. If you are interested in working in other capacity with FBI then you should check the FBI website for individual recruitment requirements.

It is not necessary to hold a law enforcement experience to get into FBI. Getting into FBI is highly competitive and demands great skill and excellence. You can consider getting in touch with the FBI recruitment representative in your locality to gather requisite information for the FBI agent requirements. The criteria and standard of selection can change unexpectedly due to the change in the political climate. The FBI has a list of essentially required skill set, and if you are able to get your name on the list then you can enhance the chances of your employment with the FBI.

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